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  • At Early Light Academy we use Core Knowledge to teach history in Kindergarten-third grade students and fifth grade students. The Core Knowledge Curriculum Series™ provides comprehensive, content-rich learning materials based on the Core Knowledge Sequence.

  • In fourth and seventh grade students learn Utah History with the Gibbs-Smith Experience State History course. Each course is carefully crafted to align with the latest state-specific social studies standards as well as the Utah State Literacy standards. Utah History (4th and 7th)

  • We use TCi in grades six, eight, and nine teaching ancient history, US history and World Geography.  These middle school social studies programs aim at developing inclusive, active citizens of the world. TCi History Alive (6, 8, 9)
  • 9th Graders have the option of taking College Board AP Geography.

  • McGraw-Hill Math is a robust toolkit designed to support the diverse learning styles of ELA students. McGraw-Hill My Math is used in kindergarten through fifth grade, and McGraw-Hill Glencoe Math is used in sixth through eighth grade. My Math (k-5)/ Glencoe Math (6-8)

  • In ninth and tenth grade, students learn through Savvas and Math XL.  This prepares our students for the transition to high school. Savvas Integrated Math (9th) and Math XL (9)

Supplemental Math 

We believe in individualized instruction and use these five different, age-appropriate programs to help individualize student learning for math with-

  • Students in grades K-2 use STMath, a program that teaches mathematical concepts through logic exercises. STMath (k-2)

  • Grade 3-6 learn through Reflex Math/Frax. Reflex Math is an adaptive and individualized program for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions.

  • Grades 3-4 also have access to ALEKS to support students who need basic math skills and those who need to move beyond grade-level math. ALEKS is a research-based, online learning program offering course products for Math. 

  • Grades 5-6 will use Khan Academy. Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning. 

  • Grades 7-9 will use Derivita to strengthen the concepts taught in their class.

  • McGraw-Hill Wonders provides Tier 1 instruction to all students in grades K-5 with integrated learning. This basal program combines the different aspects of literacy and resources to support struggling and excelling students. Wonders is an evidence-based K–5 ELA program that empowers students to take an active role in learning. 

  • In our lower elementary classes, students focus on phonics and phonological awareness using the research-based Michael Heggerty program which combines rhythm, routine, and actions to learning. Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

  • Our Junior High Students learn the Utah Core Standards through McGraw-Hill StudySync, a complete ELA curriculum designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of today’s classroom. In print or online, StudySync is designed to engage every student. 

Supplemental Literacy

  • We supplement our literacy instruction with the Lexia software in Grades K-4 to strengthen foundational skills for all learners. Lexia helps students work independently to develop their critical reading skills through individualized, motivating learning paths. All students, regardless of their skill level, can work at their own pace

Other programs used:

  • Mystery Science is used to teach the Utah Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards in grades K-3.  This is an interactive program where students experience the scientific process through questioning, hypothesizing, creating, and testing. Mystery Science (k-3)

  • The Junior High Students may also use Mystery Science to help teach the standards.  Their main focus is on using Gizmos, an online program that allows students to experience the scientific process, as well as the Utah State Board of Education’s OER (Open Educational Resources) books for students. Open Education Resources (4th, 8th) and Gizmos

  • Our Ninth-grade students focus on Biology through McGraw-Hill. This text, in conjunction with course lab work, allows students to learn through hands-on experiences. Inspire Science

  • All grade levels may take advantage of our Space Simulator from Infinidi Learning. This program supports what students are learning in the classroom through interactive missions. Space Simulator
  • We strive to teach the whole child at Early Light Academy.  We use a Utah State Board of Education-approved, researched SEL curriculum for K-6 classrooms called Peekapak, that goes beyond software to empower educators to support both online and offline learning to unlock students' full potential.

  • Junior High students use Suite 360 for social-emotional learning. This program is a comprehensive character development curriculum that helps students better understand themselves and others. Suite 360
  • 4th Grade Health curriculum is Botvin Lifeskills which is the recommended program by the Utah State Board of Education. Botvin Lifeskills (4th and 8th)
  • The 8th Grade Health curriculum is also Botvin Lifeskills as well as Teen Health (McGraw-Hill)
  • All grade levels have access to Nearpod which is provided through the Utah State Board of Education. Nearpod is a collection of lessons supplement all grades levels and all subject matter. Nearpod